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Tell me a story: Memory line project
Авторски колектив
228 Страници, мека подвързия,
Edited by Paolo Ferri and Georgi TodorovThis book presents the main results of the research activities done in the Socrates Grundtvig Project The Memory Line: an intergenerational course of learning a......»
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The Athonite Monastery Of Vatopedi from 1480 to 1600
Кирил Павликянов
192 Страници, мека подвързия,
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The Call of the Green
Албена Бакрачева
212 Страници, твърда подвързия,
This book focuses on the unique inbetweenness of the perceiver/settler and the place that has always unfolded in American literature. The author s (unavoidable) European background only emphasizes the......»
Цена: 16.00 лв.
Отстъпка за вас: 3.20 лв.
Крайна цена: 12.80 лв.
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The Maker’s Rage for Order: Theories of Literature and Culture
Дейвид Брус Дженкинс
344 Страници, мека подвързия,
CONTENTSLESSON ONE: The Classical WorldPlato, Republic (Book X) (about 370 B.C.); Ion (about 390 B.C.)Aristotle, Poetics (about 335-322 B.C.)Sophocles, Oedipus Rex (430 B.C.)Longinus, On the Sublime (......»
Цена: 12.00 лв.
Отстъпка за вас: 2.40 лв.
Крайна цена: 9.60 лв.
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The Mural Paintings of the Saint Theodore Church in Boboševo, Bulgaria, 17th century
Патрик Льокак
68 Страници, твърда подвързия,
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The Rising Giant
Петко Ганчев
452 Страници, мека подвързия,
Civilization and Philosophy of Ancient and Modern China...»
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The Temple of Humanity
Валери Стефанов
280 Страници, твърда подвързия,
An Apology of the Masonic Brotherhood This book is trying to enter the Temple through the semi-dusk of the centuries. It examines the signs of the Temple under the whispers of legends. Amidst the magi... ? ?~?Z,bd??jo???f??6?r????-+??_?:? ?????%r???7Z???ة^ ?(?['qu?>?m?4??pڮ?ItO"??;1mA?q?[????dR???Ec?v?????;V?H׋???R3ˬ?z???B??֕? F?ꕙ?Ff?:??C??BvWڟ55?~?yِ...»
Цена: 20.00 лв.
Отстъпка за вас: 4.00 лв.
Крайна цена: 16.00 лв.
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Thessalonican Eulogia found in Bulgaria
Константин Тотев
204 Страници, твърда подвързия,
Lead ampules, enkolpia and icons from the 12th 15th centuries...»
Цена: 55.00 лв.
Отстъпка за вас: 11.00 лв.
Крайна цена: 44.00 лв.
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