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A Place, a Time and an Opportunity for Growth
Авторски колектив
156 Pages, paperback cover,
Bulgarian Scholars at NIASAafke Hulk, Alexandre Kostov, Angel Angelov, H. E. Karel van Kesteren, Ina Merdjanova, Irina Zinovieva, Joanna Spassova, Katya Stoycheva, Kristina Petkova, Magdalena Elchinov......»
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Amigos ◆ Приятели
Николай Минев, Станимир Демирев
52 Pages, paperback cover,
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Analytic verb constructions with give, make, take, have and do: semantic reasons for the choice of a particular analytic frame
Ана Петкова-Шмид
296 Pages, paperback cover,
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Ausgewählte Fragen zur deutschen Syntax
Rada Vasileva
208 Pages, paperback cover,
Dr. Rada Vasileva ist als Lehrkraft f r deutsche Morphosyntax und Deutsch als Fremdsprache am Institut f r Germanistik und Niederlandistik an der Universit t in Veliko Tărnovo t tig. Ihre wissenschaft......»
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