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Some of our titles are offered as e-books, in several popular digital formats.
The electronic book has many advantages: you can't lose it, or get it wet or crumpled - it is eternal. Or evergreen, if you want. Besides, it is always with you – on your laptop, PDA or mobile phone, to read it while travelling, while waiting at the hairdresser's or just relaxing. An e-book is way cheaper than its paper counterpart. And something very important - if you want it, you can have it right now, in a minute! See how:

1. First, you have to see if the book you need is available in electronic format. Open the book page and see if there is a sign for E-Book, and a field for code entering.

If you see that sign and field, you can go to step two:

2. Choose from the table your country and send an SMS on the number of the country with the corresponding text.. For example, if you are in Romania, you should send text   "TXT BOOKS" to number 1314.


  Country Number Text Price
  Bulgaria 1916  TXT BOOK  2.40 BGN
  Czech Republic 90703  TXT BOOK  50.00 CZK
  Serbia 4828  200 BOOK  200.00 RSD
  Poland 79986  TXT BOOK  9.00 PLN
  Croatia 67454  TXT BOOK  6.10 KN
  Bosnia    918 10700  TXT BOOK  2.00 BAM
  Romania 1314  TXT BOOKS  2.00 EUR
  Finland 17 211  TXT2 BOOK  2.00 EUR
  Sweden 72 401  TXT BOOK  20.00 SEK
  Norway 2223  TXT BOOKS  20.00 NOK
  Denmark 1230  TXT BOOK  15.00 DKK
  Estonia 13 013  TXT BOOK  25.00 EEK
  Latvia 1897  TXT BOOK  0.98 LVL
  Lithuania 1337  TXT BOOK  5.00 LTL
  Spain 5332  TAT BOOK  1.20 EUR
  France 83 700  TAT BOOK  1.50 EUR
  Portugal 68 307  TAT BOOK  2.00 EUR
  United Kingdom 88 999  TAT BOOK  1.50 GBP
  Switzerland 911  DAG BOOK  3.00 CHF
  Belgium 3486  TXT BOOK  2.00 EUR
  Netherland 3555  MAT BOOK  1.50 EUR
  Ireland 57 802  PTW BOOK  2.00 EUR

3. After a while, you will receive code, which you have to enter in the field.

That's it! Now you may download the chosen book in the format you like. Or in all the formats, if you want. But please have in mind, that you can do this only in the next 24 hours.

We would like to remind you, that the downloaded book is only for yourself, that all the rights are preserved, and you may not distribute it or reproduce it in any way.

Just one more important thing! If you later decide to buy from our site the original paper book, we'll reduce from the price the sum you have paid for its electronic version.

Enjoy your reading!