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 Страници: 204
 размер: 14,5 х 20 cm
 подвързия: мека
 Език: Английски
 ISBN: 978-954-8773-05-8
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Global English in Bulgarian Context

A sociolinguistic perspective

Silueti Publishing House

Global English in Bulgarian Context is a collection of eight revised and extended articles, published previously in books or journals that are now either out of print or inaccessible to Bulgarian readers. Although written at different times, all studies consider the topical issue of globalization of the English language in contemporary postmodern society, which ensures the coherence of the collection and its sociolinguistic orientation.
The central topic of interest is the growth of English into an international language and its impact on local languages and cultures. The use of English in Bulgaria, taken as exemplary of a local space affected by its worldwide spread, is considered in the broad context of globalization defined as a complex set of integration and transformation processes which generate a multiplicity of transnational, trans-regional and transcontinental linkages and interdependencies in all spheres of life. The approach taken in the studies, therefore, foregrounds “interconnectedness” as a major characteristic of present-day social life and explores how it impacts on Bulgarian English users’ communication practices.


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