Fundamentals of computer programming with C#

Fundamentals of computer programming with C#

ISBN: 978-954-400-773-7
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The book "Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#" is an excellent manual to guide you through your journey of programming as beginner. It will teach you in algorithmic thinking and programming in the C# language and .NET Framework. The book provides a series of programming lessons: from fundamentals of programming and development environment (Visual Studio), variables, operators, arrays and loops to more complex concepts such as recursion, fundamental data structures and classic algorithms, list structures, trees and tree-like data structures, graphs, hash-tables, algorithm complexity, object-oriented programming principles (OOP), LINQ queries, writing high-quality code and solving problems from programming exams. Additionally, PowerPoint slides based on the book and video lessons of those lectures, some by Svetlin Nakov himself, are available and are perfect for self-teaching C#. The book authors conduct free courses on programming with C# for beginners in Telerik Software Academy.

Жанр Учебници и помагала
Размер 17 x 24 cm
Страници 1132 страници
Подвързия Мека подвързия
Език Английски
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