Sue Seddon’s Little Book of Lancaster

Sue Seddon’s Little Book of Lancaster

ISBN: 978-954-400-052-3
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"The seeds were sown as I sat in the John of Gaunt one winter's afternoon, tucking into a good pint and a hot pie. What a bastion of comfort and culture Lancaster was proving to be! It had pies, it had real ales, two theatres, live jazz and more reasons to miss the train home than any city I'd ever visited. I was not yet a resident, but I didn't hold out for long.

Old codgers at the bar filled me in with tales of the town's history, staff helped me with directions as I explored more of its eating and entertainment spots, the nearby market enticed me with a wealth of local produce... So much was so good that I just had to write about it.
This book is therefore dedicated to the little city of Lancaster, to its ever-helpful and friendly residents, to its colourful characters, its heritage of hospitality, and its evocative setting in the heart of the North."

Sue Seddon

Жанр География / Пътеводители, Речници / Енциклопедии
Размер 13 х 20 cm
Страници 72 страници
Подвързия Мека подвързия
Език Английски
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