About Faber

Faber Publishing House was founded in 1996. In the beginning, all we had was an old computer, a love for books and plenty of enthusiasm. Today, we have at our disposal a pre-press center equipped with the best software and hardware available. The specialists on our team know all of the ins and outs of the publishing industry and are always ready for a challenge.

In 2001 we built our own printing house, which we are constantly improving. Aside from digital and offset printing presses, it is also equipped with all of the finishing and binding equipment necessary for top-end book production. You can find out more about the services we offer here.

Faber primarily publishes scientific, reference and textbooks at the academic level. Select works of fiction are published as well.

To date we have published some 3000 titles; these books can be found in the following ISBN ranges: 954-9541-(01-99), 978-954-775-(01-999), 978-954-400-(001-999) and 978-619-00-(0001...)

Additionally, we have laid out and printed more than 10 000 titles for clients all across the globe, which may very well be a world record for a team of our size. Have a look at some of our current work by clicking on the link “Produced by Faber”.

State agencies, leading educational institutions, museums, publishing houses and independent authors number among our clients, some of whom are listed here.

Faber is a five-time recipient of the award for the best book for young scientists and has won various other honors for scientific literature.

Our publications have distinguished themselves time and again by their high quality, winning numerous awards and performing well on literary charts.

At Faber, we aim to offer our clients the very best in publishing, maintaining our commitment to perfecting our craft while making books that last with love, care and expertise.

In this section you can get useful information about the publishing process, terminology and basic concepts in the printing process, we will try to help you with some tips to prepare your files well for printing.

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