Privacy policy

1. "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. Ltd. is responsible for the protection of personal data of the User, which become his property in connection and as a result of the use of the site by the User, and takes the necessary measures except in cases of force majeure, accidental event or malicious actions of third parties.

2. In the fields of the registration form filled in by the User when creating a profile on and in the fields of the online order form on, "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. Ltd. clearly marks which are the obligatory and voluntary elements of the provided personal data, as well as what is the result in case of refusal to fill in and provide them. The fields are: Names, email, telephone, delivery address (country, city, post code, address). We use your data in order to send your order to the given name and delivery address. By agreeing to the General Terms of Use, the User agrees to the data about him to be processed in the manner prescribed therein. The user profile created during the initial registration has settings that allow free access to personal data announced by the User. Subsequently, if desired, the User has the right and technical ability to limit or deny access to personal data by editing the settings.

3. In case the User or persons under his control have committed malicious acts within the meaning of the General Terms of Use or violated the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. has the right to provide personal data to the User to the relevant competent state bodies in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

4. FABER-PRINT Ltd. collects and uses the information about the Users only for the purposes provided in the General Terms of Use. The personal data provided by the Users are used by "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. for analysis and improvement of the efficiency and work of; for managing the created online orders, for delivery of the ordered products; for secure processing of payments over an encrypted line; to communicate with Users about online orders and products. FABER-PRINT Ltd. stores personal data for a period of 5 years.

5. By agreeing to the General Terms of Use, the User agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of the contract of sale concluded at a distance on the site

6. By agreeing to the General Terms of Use, the User agrees to his personal data, announced as publicly available in his user profile on, Facebook or anywhere else in the virtual space, to be used and distributed by FABER-PRINT Ltd. for the purposes of direct marketing, unless the user explicitly prohibits access to them. The actions of the User in (orders, liked books, questions, comments, etc.) and the information about his online orders (number, price, specific titles, total amount) can always be used by "FABER- PRINT Ltd. for the purposes of direct marketing, when this does not contradict the current Bulgarian legislation.

7. "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. undertakes not to disclose any part of the personal data of the User and not to provide the collected information to third parties - government agencies, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where:

- has received the explicit consent of the User during registration or at a later stage;

- the information is requested by officials or state bodies, which according to the current legislation are authorized to request and collect such information in compliance with the legally established procedures;

- personal data are provided to companies processing personal data for the purposes of games conducted by a marketing agency;

- other cases specified in the law.

8. By registering at, the User allows in his user profiles on, Facebook or anywhere else in the virtual space or at the e-mail address announced by him, to personal, advertising or other commercial messages will be sent to him by FABER-PRINT OOD.

9. When creating an online order, "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. processes personal data of the User necessary for its implementation - names, phone number, address, e-mail and PIN (at the request of the user invoice of an individual).

The user agrees that when concluding a distance selling contract, part of his personal data will be provided to the relevant subcontractor for the purpose of delivery of the created online order. Such personal data are: names, address, telephone number.

Confidentiality of communication

By accepting the General Terms of Use, the users agree that the data provided by them, through which they can be contacted, be used by "FABER-PRINT" Ltd. to send messages and keep correspondence related to the consequences arising as consequence of using the site

Right to object

The user may express a written objection in person his data to be processed by FABER-PRINT Ltd. at any time. The user can withdraw his consent for his personal data to be processed by FABER-PRINT OOD by sending an e-mail related to the specific situation to General claims can also be made at the same address. All personal data can be deleted from our web site upon customer's request. Keep in mind once we remove all of your date in our web site we will not be able to track your order history.

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