The Glass River

The Glass River

ISBN: 954-775-525-0
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One of the most famous contemporary Bulgarian novels.

Emil Andreev's The Glass River won the Vick Prize for Bulgarian Novel of the year in 2005 and also received the Readers' Award. 

The Glass River has been translated into English and Romanian.

The novel has been filmed with an international cast and is already on screen in Bulgaria.

The Glass River begins with the arrival of the French student, Hélène Thibault, in the deserted Bulgarian village of Gradishte. She does her research work on the Bogomils for her diploma paper. At that time in the village an art professor with his students are restoring the murals of the local church St. Nicolas. Two letters, N & D, are spotted on the frescoes of the church and Hélène is involved in the mystery behind them. Have the letters anything to do with the dualistic Bogomil faith and especially with the short excerpt from an old manuscript, The Book of Enoch, that she is shown by the “local intellectual” Victor Markov? Hélène finds herself in a love triangle as well as in a series of astonishing events. A séance with the spirit of an Italian stonemason follows and eventually an old casket reveals the secret of the alleged Bogomil frescoes and letters.


Genre Fiction
Size 13 х 20 cm
Pages 328 pages
Cover paperback
Language Bulgarian
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