History of Dobrudja, Volume II, Middle Ages

History of Dobrudja, Volume II, Middle Ages

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Part One
Dobrudja in the early Middle Ages (VI – the beginning of XI cent.)

Chapter I
Little Skitia on the threshold of two epochs
1. The collapse of Lower Danube limeses
2. Small Skitia – Karvuna and the birth of the Bulgarian country

Chapter II
Karvunian region – Dobrudja 681 – 1000 year: internal problems
1. Ethno-demographic aspect
2. Towns and settlement network
3. Fortification works
4. Administrative order
5. Church body
6. Economic life

Chapter III
Karvunian region – Dobrudja 681 – 1000 year: policy and wars
1. Dobrudja – target of Byzantine raids and “barbarian” invasions from North (681 – 968)
2. Dobrudja in the period of Russian-Bulgarian and Russian-Byzantine wars
3. The Byzantine administration in Dobrudja: 971-986/90
4. Dobrudja in the epoch of tsar Samuil’s ruling

Part two
Dobrudja – a Byzantine province

Chapter I
The Byzantine administration in Dobrudja, 1000 – 1186 year
1. The developments in year 1000 in reference to Bulgarian-Byzantine relations
2. The Bulgarian North-East in the year 1000
a. The conflict Paristrion – Paradunabis
b. Joanopol – The Great Preslav
c. Small Preslav – Preslavica
3. Paristrion – Paradunabis: history and organization

Chapter II
Dobrudja’s church organization (end of X – XII cent.)

Chapter III
“Barbarian” invasions and political turbulences in Paristrion – Dobrudja in the XI cent.

Chapter IV
Ethnic ratio, settlements, economic activity
1. Bulgarians and non-Bulgarians in Dobrudja (XI – XII cent.)
The Bulgarians
The Romans
The Pechenesians
2. Settlements
3. Economy

Part three
Dobrudja from the end of XII till XV century

Chapter I
Political history of the region
1. Renewal of the dominion of the Bulgarian (end of XII – the middle of XIII cent.)
2. Dobrudja in the second half of the XIII century
3. The Bulgarian North-East in the first half of the XIV century
4. The Karvunian archons – initial history
5. The Dobrudja principality of despot Dobrotica (1360 – 1385)
6. The decline of the Dobrudja principality (1385 – 1399 г.) and the remembrance of its existence
7. Notes on Dobridja’s XV century

Chapter II
Population, settlements’ life, economic development, material culture
1. Ethnic composition of the population, deposits and changes
2. Roads, Danube ford and harbors
3. Settlements’ life: towns, fortifications, other settlements and houses
4. Rural Economy: agriculture, cattle-breeding and apiculture
5. Navigation, shipbuilding, fishing and salt-production
6. Crafts and material culture
7. Trade and money circulation

Chapter III
Church-Religious life and art and learning
1. Metropolitan’s centers connected with the region and their ancestors
2. Churches and monasteries, clergy and writing culture


I. Namings of Dobrudja in the Middle Ages (IV - XVII cent.)
1. Information about the borders of the region from XVI - XVII cent.
2. From “Small Skitia” to “Karvun land”
3. From “Dobrotica’s land” to “Dobrudja”
4. Etymology of the name Dobrudja
II. Inscriptions and documents from XII – XIV cent.

List of the used shortenings
А. Publications of sources of knowledge, archives and handwritten collections
B. Researches
C. Magazines and periodic publications

Genre History / Archaeology
Size 21 x 29 cm
Pages 468 pages
Cover hard cover
Language Bulgarian
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