The Temple of Humanity

The Temple of Humanity

ISBN: 978-954-400-393-7
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An Apology of the Masonic Brotherhood


This book is trying to enter the Temple through the semi-dusk of the centuries.
It examines the signs of the Temple under the whispers of legends. Amidst the magical noise rising from the pages of ancient manuscripts. Amidst the Babylonian mayhem of thousands of books.
It wants to understand, but also to glorify, the Temple as one of the key symbols of humanity.
Following the Cabalistic tradition of magical numerical relations, this book consists of seven parts and “a half”. We count as “n?????|???#?[߈?78U?Y???cŸb????Y??? .@y?(?O???Rf?!o?????Q!?&_I???e6"q ??+n34?'???????)?Q??c?v~ӂ????Uo??)U7?n???w?|>J?~?]?w?:?????z?t%???*F?Hq.???w?A???uծ???w???k?)g??IՙǵT?9G[???gE? ???/?R?????IJ??"?ʕ ? ?~?Z,bd??jo???f??6?r????-+??_?:? ?????%r???7Z???ة^ ?(?['qu?>?m?4??pڮ?ItO"??;1mA?q?[????dR???Ec?v?????;V?H׋???R3ˬ?z???B??֕? F?ꕙ?Ff?:??C??BvWڟ55?~?yِEK>2z`?j????1??W4z??Gko???Ǥ???^Rs]rtxx2?????3??6J????4 ?Ǖ??r??C?_& ?.*?Ҷ?????ۯ8O?)? ׬L}????/ N?)?Ac6????mC?W?Z??Z;?[?e *?z???%v??h???[?Zn?5?:?n???,.f?qA??4?2n7o?#???$??t&??쀮y~?c?.??[?b?D?%???,ȝ???1?!????S?&?tF?p??3?p?=??T?R??0S?1??^t?DǷ?Ep??M?D^?v?N(?I??%??D?F??Y?=?4 4E??2??[?+??/M??%:[???kv?2?

Genre History / Archaeology, Philosophy / Theology, Sociology / Politology
Size 14,5 х 20 cm
Pages 280 pages
Cover hard cover
Language English
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