Sofia-Plovdiv Vicariate under Management the Capuchin (1841-1941)

Sofia-Plovdiv Vicariate under Management the Capuchin (1841-1941)

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The present book is another valuable contribution of the author to the relatively unstudied field of Roman Catholic propaganda in Bulgaria.
The first chapter explores the beginning and development of the Capuchin mission in Bulgaria. The order is founded in Italy in 1528. The Sofia and Plovdiv apostolic vicariate was set up in 1759 but the Capuchin friars were entrusted with its governance in 1841. The first Capuchin bishop in Bulgaria was Andreas Canova from Garesio who became Prefect and Apostolic Vicar. His successor was Francesco Reinaudi from Villafranca whose service covered the period between 1868 and 1885. Next in line was Robert Menini who ruled in 1885-1916.
The pastoral and social activities of the Vikenti Peev, the first Capuchin bishop who was a native Bulgarian, are discussed in chapter II. He established many educational and charitable societies for the local Catholics at a time of deep social crisis following the First World War.
Chapter III deals with Angelo Roncalli who was Visitor and Apostolic Delegate in Bulgaria from 1925 till 1934 and his attitude toward the Capuchin mission. Later he became one of the most influential popes in history under the name of John XXIII (1958-1963).
The last chapter IV considers the efforts of the Capuchins to promote their cause by education and publication. The order opened high quality schools, colleges and orphanages. Books by the Capuchin friars were written in the Latin alphabet which after 1878 changed to Cyrillic. They brought out the St. Cyril and Methodius Calendar which was the biggest Roman Catholic magazine in Bulgaria and the Istina newspaper which is still published. The list of the books issued by the vicariate covers 124 titles.
The book finishes with a bibliography of sources and printed titles used. Enclosed are lists of foreign Capuchins, Bulgarian Capuchins who were members of the order or left it, photos of friars, facsimiles of documents, geographical and personal name indices.

Genre History / Archaeology
Size 14,5 х 20 cm
Pages 208 pages
Cover paperback
Language Bulgarian
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