Ethnocultural Interactions

Ethnocultural Interactions

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The summary presented herein focuses on the problems of the intercultural comparison as a specific approach in the anthropological studies and the ethnicity as a construction element of the ethnosphere and the humanity as a social experience and social behaviour.
The theme discusses moments from the Turks’ folklore in Bulgaria which has not yet been studied entirely and to a satisfactory extent. The natural existence of the community folklore culture creates symptoms of limitation not only with regard to the other ethnocultural communities (Bulgarian, Armenian, Jewish, etc.) but also with regard to the folklore phenomena, registred within the ethnic fields of the Republic of Turkey. The appearance of elements that are external for the ethnocultural system, the interaction processes and aculturation create unique phenomena which help the variety of the Bulgarian ethnic life phenomena. For this reason the folklore of the Turks in Bulgaria is herein discusses as an aspect of the local, regional and ethnic variety of the Bulgarian and Balkan folklore. It is an original Balkan reflection of the Oriental culture and it therefore features its own community specifics, regional variety and pattern. The problem has not been sufficiently clarified by the Bulgarian science in this direction.

Genre History / Archaeology, Culturology
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